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What is AZURE B2C?


At first, Azure AD B2C stands for Azure Active Directory Business to Consumer. Designed to provide free sign-in and to solve other authentication problems. Companies or organizations with a large number of customer-based portals are feeling to give every demand requested by the customers through their websites. Azure was a great set up to manage and access the problems faced by the customers by interacting with them. Azure serves as a direct replacement for every authentication. Thereby the customer feels happy by operating themselves by the commands given. That will be a secure way and also reliable to the customer and gives them assurance about the company. 

 This useful setup made to help users account for sign-in, sign-up, and editing of their profile, resetting their password for other specific functionalities outside the applications. 

What are the advantages of Azure AD B2C?

  • Joining social accounts like Google+, Facebook, etc., requires additional work. Using this Azure AD B2C, the developers or workers concentrate more on the core functionalities as the work has offloaded to Microsoft. Azure can handle multiple authentication problems by applying some basic configurations like providing self-service of password resetting. 
  • The implementation of this is very cost-effective as it has reasonable price compared to other organizers as it helps in the development of your own identity, rather than trying to publish their own they give the organizations itself to gain publicity.
  • The main thing in any internet-based application is secureness, and this setup provides a very well secured system regarding the user identities and the credentials. Azure includes service for the apps by supporting the protocol standards of both industries.


  • It simplifies the process of accessing and supports all the major social identity sites like Facebook, Google+, etc. This setup is user experience, more secure, and conformation.
  • Robust security controls offer peace of mind to the developers without any illegal activities. It includes inbuilt threat detection and multi-factor authentication, which helps protect customer identities without causing any problems to the organizations and customers. 
  • The Azure system supported with all the integrated standards of technology stacks. And it integrates in a very effective way. Connect to the applications, CRM system, and the website with ease.
  • It is scalable as the developers can rely on the ability to meet the demands of billions of the users, and the organizers will only ever pay for what they use for meeting the need of the customers.
By Saurabh
Saurabh Gandhe I bring your ideas to life!

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