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Google Vs DuckDuckGo | The price of user privacy?


Nothing in this world is free, that’s not just a rule of thumb, but a fact. This way or another, everything has a cost. The distinction is, cost, what it means? It’s not necessarily money. Although, sometimes, it’s hard to see it for everyone.

I have been using DuckDuckGo for over a few months now, and here’s the essence


Did you ever wonder why Google is free? How they make money? Yes, they show you ads on top of the search results. That’s it? What you pay, when you use Google? You are the product. Google lets you use the best search engine, so it can show you the ads. The ads are pay per click, so advertisers only pay when you click on the ads. That quest to get the click on the ad went a little too far, I think.

How it Compares:

I tried to search a few terms on Google and DuckDuckGo side by side.
Although I was getting pretty decent results in the main search area, Google came up with better answers, and the ads too.
For example, a docker search pulled up a JC Penny ad for Men’s Docker, but google came up with the correct understanding, as Google ‘knows’, am a programmer.
Over the period, I stopped using google and forgot about the small snippets I used to get on google. DuckDuckGo is working fine for me.
If you search for a Flight Number, Google will show the status, while DuckDuckGo will probably give you a link to the site.


Overall, DuckDuckGo isn’t as great as Google, but it’s coming along.
Although, if you like to see the real results, instead of the websites Google wants you to see, DuckDuckGo is for you.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Policy

Google Privacy Policy

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Saurabh Gandhe I bring your ideas to life!

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