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Under the cot


Under the Cot: A short Horror Story

‘Sssh.. ‘ said the maid to 8-year-old Abhay. ‘Sleep tight, or else Kosh will get angry. He will crawl out from the cot’s underneath and take you… ‘
Abhay looked at her with a reddened face. “I am scared”. He said
“Then sleep”.. she commanded.
“Ok auntie.. ” he mumbled and pulled his bed sheet over his face, closing his eyes forcibly. ‘Wish father and mother were at home’ he thought tears rolling from his eyes.
Both his parents were out for a one week business trip and had left him under the maid’s care. ‘I don’t like her’ he spoke to himself. ‘She keeps telling about Kosh under the cot and I get scared. ‘

The huge grandfather clock in the hall stuck 12:00 am.
A heavy wind blew outside enough to shatter the window panes. The trees in the compound of the villa swayed as though they were in a trance. The moon struggled out of the clouds casting shadows of the trees on the building.

Then there was lightning followed by a distant rumble.
Abhay woke up with the thunder. The maid would be downstairs in her room..
He started shivering.
Then he heard the sound.. it started as a hiss and was resonating from the cot underneath…
Koshhhh… koshhhhh…
He could see a small shadow emerging..

Written by: Raghu

The writer said to be continue, left to the readers to tell.

By Saurabh
Saurabh Gandhe I bring your ideas to life!

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