Saurabh Gandhe
  • The beginning

    I liked to code and people wanted to pay me for that, so got into programming. I actually did my engineering in Mechanical.
  • Today..

    Today, I design, architect and code large scale application using Object Oriented PHP/JS based on MVC architecture. Apart from selecting color pallet for the website, I do everything.
  • BE

    The most adventurous of all..
  • MS

    Those days....
  • PhD

    Yeah, I thought about that. Nah, not worth.
  • SEO

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  • Social Media

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  • Email

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Creatively logical, an introvert

I know 3 languages to talk to human and about 5 languages to talk to computers.

Education & Experience

Today, when I look back, OH GOD.
I finished my Engineering from DAVV, Indore(India), followed by a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Fitcuburg State University in Massachusetts, USA.

The Latest Blog

Ideally, you should see a list of blogs I wrote recently. Well, I write code. ?

Everything Else…

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